In 1814 the Bethel congregation was founded by twelve pioneer settlers to Warren County in Ohio.  The location of their first meetings was in a maple grove near the site of the present Murdoch Cemetery, where many of the church’s early members were laid to rest.

In 1839 the congregation was deeded the land for it’s present location by Mr. Samuel Walker.  A brick sanctuary was built on the site of where the current Sanctuary sits today.  In 1869, Professor James E. Murdoch, a well known Shakespearean actor of the era, offered financial assistance to build a new Sanctuary thus the name, Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church.”  The present Sanctuary was built in 1874.

In 1994, ground was broken for our classrooms, fellowship hall, office and kitchen.  1n 1997 we had the honor of being named, Historical Site of the Year by the Loveland Historical Society.