Reverend Deborah Uchtman is a native of a northeast Cincinnati suburb and is a graduate of the College of  Mount Saint Joseph and of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Deb is a cradle Presbyterian and has served the church as an ordained Deacon, an ordained Elder and an ordained Minister of the Word and Sacrament.  She is a member of Cincinnati Presbytery and since ordination has served as Stated Supply to Portland Avenue Presbyterian Church, an inner city church in Louisville, Kentucky.  She has been the Director of the summer program at Wesley Chapel Mission Center in Over the Rhine and has served as a Parish Associate to Montgomery Presbyterian Church.  Deb also had the honor to serve as a Temporary Supply to Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church to provide pastoral leadership while their pastor was serving in Afghanistan.  Deb then returned to Portland Avenue Presbyterian Church following a devastating fire and walked with the congregation on their journey to survive, thrive and rebuild.  And now it is with great joy that Deb has returned to Bethel Murdoch as the Stated Supply Pastor!